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Next Generation Sequencing

Ignite the sparQ, Fuel More Insights

Quantabio offers complete solutions for library preparation, amplification, purification, and quantification used on Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms. High-quality reagents deliver unmatched efficiency and robust performance to ensure reliable and reproducible sequencing results while reducing overall costs.

Our NGS solutions:

  • Maximize efficiency and minimize bias
  • Support a wide range of inputs and applications
  • Deliver excellent sequencing performance
  • Generate results with great coverage uniformity
  • Are automation-friendly

Workflow Solutions

Featured Applications

sparQ DNA Frag & Lib PrepsparQ DNA Lib PrepsparQ RNA-Seq HMR Kit sparQ UDI AdapterssparQ PureMag BeadssparQ HiFi PCR MasterMixsparQ Universal Quant
Whole Genome Sequencingxxxxxx
Targeted/ Exome Sequencingxxxxxx
Whole Transcriptome Sequencingxxxxx
Metagenomic Sequencingxxxxxx
Epigenetic Sequencingxxxx
Amplicon Sequencingxxx
Customer Testimonials
sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit

“The sparQ kit safeguards samples from over fragmentation and routinely provides more consistent fragment size. Once optimized, I had peace of mind knowing my samples were safe when I got busy in the lab.”

Scientist, Laboratory Manager | Agricultural Genomics Institute
sparQ PureMag Beads

"Great product. Useful for many different types of DNA capture applications."

Associate Professor | University of South Carolina
sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit

"Very easy to use."

Scientist | University Sherbrooke
sparQ PureMag Beads

"We found that size selection with sparQ PureMag Beads was similar to our current vendor for but the amount of size selected library recovered was significantly larger."

Vice President of Operations | PHASE GENOMICS
sparQ PureMag Beads

"Beads performed as well in my tests as Ampure XP which I consider to be the gold standard.  Impressive results given the lower price for sparQ PureMag Beads."

Director of Sequencing Technology | University of Southern California
sparQ PureMag Beads

“I used the sparQ PureMag beads for mRNA purification after in vitro transcription. The sparQ beads demonstrated an excellent recovery (~98%) and could be used for size selection of the desired mRNA product. Highly recommended."

Postdoctoral Fellow | Dana Farber Cancer Institute
sparQ PureMag Beads

“Very good product for NGS library purification and size selection”

Senior Scientist | MD Anderson
sparQ PureMag Beads

"very good product for NGS Library purification and size selection"

sparQ PureMag Beads

"Very easy to use and really good recovery yield."

Biologist | BATJ, Inc
sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit

I have built >100 libraries with this kit and the results are great."

Genomics Core Director/ Manager | West Virginia University
sparQ PureMag Beads

"Worked exactly as advertised. I was able to get complete recovery of my DNA easily and quickly."


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